Synopsis and Profile of the Cast of Drama Café Minamdang

This drama stars Seo In Guk and is produced by Ko Jae Hyun. Café Minamdang is adapted from a novel by Jung Jae Han.
This drama tells the story of Nam Han Joon (Seo In Guk) who is a former criminal profile and works as a con artist. To be able to deceive someone, he always disguises himself as a fortune teller who runs his business in Minamdang.
In order to attract customers, he takes advantage of his handsome face as well as uses his very fluent speaking skills to captivate people.
This fraudulent activity is also carried out to get a lot of money. He is not alone, in carrying out the action, he works with Soo Cheol (Kwak Si Yang) and Nam Hye Joon (Kang Mi Na).

Meanwhile, there is Han Jae Hee (Oh Yeon Seo), a detective who worked for 3 years. He is a hard worker and enthusiastic about his job.
He also tries to live a righteous and righteous life according to him but he ends up getting involved in Nam Han Joon’s activities.

Minamdang Café Cafe Cast Profile

Seo In Guk

In this drama, Seo In Guk plays Nam Han Joon, a professional fortune teller who is handsome but also cunning.
The actor who was born October 23, 1987 has made his debut since 2012 through a drama entitled Love Rain. He has starred in a number of popular dramas and films such as Pipeline, Doom at Your Service, Shopaholic Luois, Reply 1994, to Reply 1997.

He has also received awards as Excellent Actor in 2016 and Best New Actor in 2014.

Oh Yeon Seo

The actress who was born on June 22, 1987 plays the role of Han Jae Hee who will side by side with the cunning fortune teller. Oh Yeon Seo is a member of the girl band, LUV.
He made his debut in drama since 2003 through the drama Sharp 1. He has also starred in a number of other popular dramas and films, such as My Sassy Girl, A Korean Odyssey, Mad For Each Other, to Come Back Mister.
Oh Yeon Seo has received awards for Best New Actress in 2012 and Excellent Actress in 2016.

Kwak Si Yang

Kwak Si Yang will play Gong Soo Cheol. The actor who was born January 15, 1987 has made his debut since 2014 through a drama entitled Glorious Day.
He has starred in a number of popular dramas and films such as Idol: The Coup, Clean With Passion For Now, Chicago Typewriter, and Battle of Jangsari.

He also briefly received awards for Excellent Actor in 2015 and Best Male Character in 2021.

Kang Mi Na

This former member of the girl group Gugudan and I.O.I plays Nam Hye Jun. She herself has made her debut as an actress since 2017 through a drama titled 20th Century Boy and Girl.
Kang Mi Na has starred in a number of other dramas, such as Hotel Del Luna, Dokgo Rewind, My Roommate is A Gumiho, and Moonshine.