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Trending Celebrity NewsDid you ever surprise why your information release by no means resulted in an article or story within the media to which it was despatched? I contend here and now that the ANC never practiced and realized how you can rule. They had been blinded by the sudden wealth that they had been all of a sudden thrust into and with. They selected one another by means of nepotism, cronyism,(thus we’ve got “Exiles’ and “Inziles”)-those who went and came back from Exile, and those that never left the country at all). We have seen how this choice into the current perking order has dragged the nation down, and the ANC, like all liberation actions throughout Africa, have and are refusing to relinquish energy to folks higher than themselves.

Portugal boasted that Angola, Guinea, and Mozambique have been their possessions for five hundred years, throughout which period a ‘civilizing mission’ has been going on. On the finish of 5 hundred of shouldering the White man’s burden of civilizing “African Natives,” the Portuguese had not managed to train a single African physician in Mozambique, and the life expectancy in Japanese Angola was less than thirty years. As for Guinea-Bissau, some insight into the scenario there may be offered by the admission of the Portuguese themselves, that, Guinea-Bissau was more neglected than Angola and MozambiqueAnd in all cases, illiteracy was upwards of ninety five percent.

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However corruption and repression aren’t our only issues. There isn’t any doubt that the ANC is rotten however it’s a grave mistake to divorce corruption from the rotten form of crony capitalism that now we have in South Africa. Both the ANC and the Democratic Alliance are proponents of the form of capitalism that all the time makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. They’re both proponents of the Youth Wage Subsidy which is a false solution to unemployment. We need a subsidy for the folks, not for capital.

James Adams, UPI’s chief I spoke of earlier, has had a lot to say on the subject of the normal media’s ostrich-like rejection of on-line information as potential competition. He not too long ago informed a narrative of showing on a panel of media representatives in Washington when the subject of the Internet and the future of the media was raised. “Among my colleagues on the panel, ” he stated, “the phrase Internet was received like a nasty scent, a passing inconvenience that no members of polite society would want to discuss in public. It is that attitude that has contributed to the current sorry state of the normal media.” Those are the words of the chief of one of the world’s oldest information organizations.