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Trending Celebrity NewsWho is your favourite film star or tv star? I sincerely hope that Trump works extremely onerous to isolate the mainstream media from the White House – No longer ought to the incredibly divisive bias of this present day news media be filtering the truths of Washington swamp politics- FROM THE FOLKS- in America ! The earlier that he develops a media platform that goes directly to the folks -the better. Even if he has to legally throw the media out of the White House press room.

If pictures are price 1,000,000 phrases, Zuma’s Property and the poor folks’s homesteads are what we have now to talk about. The poor have no one to talk for them The Leaders lie and say that their family helped them build giant estates, while the poor are anticipated to vote each time this African capitalist vulture come around when it’s time for the elections. Like I stated, the leaders of Africans in South Africa right this moment, should not only ‘blaming the poor for their state of poverty’ however they’re rapidly digging them into early graves, with such circumstances as we see above.

Most of the youth right here, now adversely affected by Nyaope, haven’t any hopes of discovering jobs wherever because they are saying their solely probability for jobs in Secunda. Going to discover a job in the Johannesburg, is a lifetime journey. The train has to wait many hours to get crammed earlier than it strikes, and by the point these job-seekers get to Johannesburg Metropolis, it is six and a half hours, later, having woken at six, they get to the Metropolis around twelve.

As a folks, educated or not, we have given up our power of the vote and have been trying as much as the ANC leaders to manage and corrupt that power. There is a trickled-down effect of anomie and normlessness that hi-jacks our culture, morals, norms, ideals, customs, traditions, music, dances, languages, that we look like a poor facsimile of our former Apartheidized selves. This cascading devastation is going on to us because we pity ourselves, are dependent on the federal government and searching on as much as it to deliver on their promises, which they sometimes do, however we fail to capitalize on this.

You will need to word that Africans in South Africa had been living in abject poverty, a health system in disarray, poisoned via their foods and drinks, exposed to all varieties of sexual illnesses, affected by leprosy, TB, Cholera, Alcoholism, poor and tacky housing, inferior schooling, poisonous setting, high child immortality rate, teenage being pregnant, illegitimate children, rising divorce rate, high rate of incarceration, intimidation from the local police, torture, low wages, low and slave-like labor, and in many circumstances, abused as mine laborers, assassination, as in the case of Steven Biko and many that had been assassinated in John Vorster Square Jail, Vlakplaas, subjected to assault by Loss of life squads and murder by BOSS, then DONS, navy assaults and common abuse from the White public.